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Signs – M. Night Shyamalan (2016)

This is actually the first Shyamalan film that I do not dislike. Quite a feat!

James McAvoy plays a person who houses 23 personalities. Speaking of split personality. Or are they 24? McAvoy’s character kidnaps three young women who he holds captive in some basement. The three women (including Anya Taylor-Joy) are presented with different personalities of their kidnapper constantly. A calculated kidnapper, a man with mysophobia, a nine year old boy. They try to play out the personalities against each other in order to get out, but this keeps failing. The wait appears to be for another character, but it remains unclear if this is actually another person/being or yet another personality within “Dennis”.

We also follow “Dennis” as he goes to his therapist, tries to live his life, but also while he tries to reach the goal of the plan with the girls. McAvoy is good in his rapidly shifting characters.

Not the greatest movie of all times, but on the scale of Shyamalan, certainly a descent one.

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