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M.A.N. * Robert Matser (2008)

No IMdB listing for this Dutch film called “Met Andere Normen” (‘with different norms’ “man” refers to a male person). The Netherlands has a rising popularity for native tv-series, often about glamorous women. I hardly watch tv, so I have not really seen much of it all, but apparently an attempt with a full-length film has been made, so just out of curiosity…
“M.A.N.” seems quite different from the tv-series that the Dutchmen will know the actors from. It has a great soundtrack which adds to the strange atmosphere of for example “Amelie“: not entirely realistic and slightly silly. “M.A.N.” has a couple of nice filmographic jokes and nice opening titles, but the major problem is the fact that I find the two main actors not entirely convincing (the others are) which makes this film just not really good. I like it that Matser has tried to do something different though. Would Van Warmerdam found his inspiration here for “De Laatste Dagen van Emma Blank“?

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