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The Gentlemen – Guy Ritchie (2019)

Ritchie did his thing again. “The Gentlemen” is another violent, hip action comedy with funny characters and witty dialogues. He opened a can of interesting actors too.

Hugh Grant is a hip private investigator. Colin Farell a slick boxing trainer. Mostly, Matthew McConaughey plays the main character in the form Michael Pearson, a high end softdrugsdealer who seeks to sell his empire so he can retire.

The story is told by Fletcher (Grant) who tries to persuade Pearson’s main man to use the opportunity of his sale to become rich. In a slowly developing story we see how everybody tries to doublecross Pearson and the competition.

Tarantino-like violence, amusing dialogues, a lot of swearing, funny situations and great acting. “The Gentlemen” is indeed an amusing action-comedy.

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