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The Aeronauts – Tom Harper (2019)

Amelia Wren is an adventurer in the 1860’ies who flies the skies in a gas balloon. She lost her husband on one of her trips though, so her inclination to fly has dropped. James Glaisher is a young man who cannot convince the Royal Society that by studying the sky, he might be able to predict the weather. Hence, he gets no funding to go up. Needless to say, the two team up.

Amelia just wants to go up higher than the 7 kilometer that the French reached. James wants to make as many observations as possible to collect data.

The film is quite an adventure indeed. The two pass a storm, go well past the French record and their basket below the balloon is full of adventures. Climbing on top of the balloon at -15ºC and at 10 kilometers above the ground; going up too fast; going down too fast; it all is well enough to fill a 100 minute movie that is both entertaining, nice to watch and educational as well.

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