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Spoorloos * George Sluizer (1988)

A Dutch film of 1988 I must have seen it some time. Indeed some scenes seem familiar. It seems that “Spoorloos” has become a bit of a cult-film, but after (re)watching it, I wonder if that ‘status’ goes for the original or the 1993 remake “The Vanishing”. Strangely enough “Spoorloos” already has that English title in the opening titles. In any case, “Spoorloos” is good for a Dutch film, especially of that time, but it is not exactly a cult classic. It is simply too normal for that (in my opinion). The story is good, based on a book by Tim Krabbé. A young couple goes on holidays to France where the girl disappears. Three years later the man has the same dream as the girl the night before she disappeared and he sets out to find her. A nice story develops, but nowadays this would probably have been filmed a bit ‘darker’, “Spoorloos” remains a quite typical 80’ies film, but the ending is indeed one that will stick with you. Not bad, but I expected something different. I guess I will watch “The Vanishing” too some time.

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