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Paris Window – Amanda Kramer (2018)

Minimalist, slow, weird. Often descriptions of films that I like. I am afraid I cannot say the same for “Paris Window”.

Julian and Sunny are a brother and sister who share a tiny apartment and are a wee bit closer than is ‘healthy’ for siblings. Also they are a little weird. Sunny appears to have to come across and a low IQ girl, but Sophie Kargman does not really manage to get that across. It looks more like somebody making funny faces.

This is quite contrary to Noel Taylor playing Julian. Julian is a way too intelligent, but extremely awkward and paranoid person who never leaves the house. He is obsessed by some sort of self-help hypnosis TV show which forms the constant soundtrack of the film.

“Paris Window” is surrealistic, does not have much of a story and we mostly follow two strange persons. The harmony is disturbed when Sunny meets another person and she grows apart from her brother.

As I said, the film is minimalist, slow and weird, but not in a way that I like. I actually found the film pretty boring and unconvincing. The risk of experimental film I guess.

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