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Duisburg Linea Di Sangue – Enzo Monteleone (2019)

  • crime

This Italian Netflix crime is not bad, but made so little impression that I almost forgot to review it.

In Duisburg, Germany, a maffia killing takes place. Italy sends an investigator to prevent the Germans from making faulty conclusions and hurt Italy’s name. The German colleague conveniently speaks Italian, so even though a large part of the film takes place in Germany, the film is spoken in Italian.

The film revolves around the idea that outside Italy people, including law enforcement, do not understand the maffia, the way they work and the way they think.

And so the German/Italian duo sets out to find the shooters, each with their own experience, but learning from the other.

Not bad, not great. Amusing is a part that plays in the Netherlands.

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