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The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations * Seth Grossman (2009)

The box that we rented had no indication whatsoever that this is a third part of a ‘series’, while all the posters that I found on the www do. The ‘series’ are not by on director it seems and not a continuing story either, but just sequels to a popular film probably. The basis of the film is not too original: a man can travel back in time. The film places stress on the consequences of this and that concept could have made an interesting story. Strangely enough even the third attempt gives but another of these popular psychic crime fighters tv-series while a better thought-through script could also have resulted in another “Memento“. This third part does not really invite to watch the previous two films to see if they are any better, but like I said: all the ingredients to make a good story are present. Grossman failed to make something good of it and the filming itself is way too popular too. I guess the intended audience was that of films like “Final Destination”, not that of “Memento”. There are some bloody scenes and a quite over-the-top sex-scene, but I suppose that all still aims for the large audience that got used to “Hostel”-massacres.

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