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The Most Hated Woman In America – Tommy O’Haver (2017)

  • drama

Madelyn Murray O’Hair (1919-1995) lived in Texas, one of the most conservative states of the USA. She not only was an unmarried mother, but she was very vocal in her ideas that religion should not be measure of society. When she noticed that her son has so say the Lord’s Prayer every morning, she sues the school and wins. The obligatory prayers are gone.

Madelyn finds other things to sail out against. Being foul mouthed, direct and vocal as she is, she made a lot of enemies. This even led to threats and murder attempts. Being a public atheist she also draws attention of the media and Madelyn starts to become famous and draw attention of people who agree with her who start to send donations. Madelyn founds the American Atheists association which increases attention and funds.

Opposers keep trying to find ways thwart her efforts. At the same time, her uncompromising person starts to place a burden on people around her. Then there are those who know about Madelyns creative bookkeeping and decide to squeeze some money out of her.

The film is mostly a drama with a lot of black humour. It is amusing, especially when you realise that it is based on true events.

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