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Bipolar – Queena Li (2021)

I usually list films by their original title. does too, but in this case they have not listed it at all. The original title is ‘只是一次偶然的旅行’ (‘Zhǐshì yīcì ǒurán de lǚxíng’) which means ‘Just an accidental trip’. Indeed, a way different title from the international title. The original title does give a good summery of the film.

Kun is a young, Chinese woman who goes on a pilgrimage to Tibet. On her way, she ‘meets’ a holy lobster in a tank in a hotel. She decides to take the lobster back to the sea. Rather than driving towards the coast, she drives into the Himalayas.

The film is shot in black and white with every now and then a scene with very bright (hallucinatory) colors. Most scenes are a bit weird, but the film is not as weird or hilarious as some describe it. I would say it is a somewhat quirky arthouse roadmovie.

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