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The Killing of a Sacred Deer – Yorgos Lanthimos (2017)

For some reason I had a hard time being able to watch this film. Lanthimos’ earlier weird films such as “Dogtooth” (2009) and “The Lobster” (2015) did relatively well for such films, so I expected this film to get the same attention and thus availability. Perhaps it was overshadowed by the much more ‘normal’ “The Favourite” (2018)?

In a way, “The Killing” lays between “The Favourite” and the other mentioned films. It is not as strange as the earlier films, but not as ‘normal’ as the latter.

Steven Murphy (Collin Farrell) is a successful doctor who lives a perfect life with his wife (the ever beautiful, yet skinny, Nicole Kidman) and two children. His record is not entirely blameless though and he is in contact with Martin, the son of a man who died during an operation.

Both Martin and Steven and his family are tryingly correct, but as the film continues, it becomes obvious that the persuasive Martin holds Steven responsible for the death of his father and is out for revenge.

The film has a ‘slightly off’ atmosphere with some odd scenes, but it is mostly a slow burning psychological thriller.

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