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Voksne Mennesker * Dagur Kári (2005)

The second film of this Icelandic director that I review. Just as “Noi Albenoi” a film about people having problems living in the modern world. Daniel manages to maintain with having only 7 Danish Kroner income in four years time, while his friend Morfar (Nicholas Bro, the bad guy in “Mørke“) tries to maintain a regular job. When Daniel falls in love with Franc(esca) life gets more complicated. Just as in his debut film Kári has a minimalistic style in filming and in story and uses subtle and quite typical Scandinavian humour with a magnifying glass on modern living. The film starts quite humorously, but becomes more melancholic towards the end. An arthouse film, undoubtely, not brilliant, but pretty good, especially if you like Scandinavian films.

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