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Contratiempo – Oriol Paulo (2016)

I always wonder how international titles are decided upon. The title translates to ‘setback’, but the international title is the away-giving “The Invisible Guest”. Set that against the mystery and thriller listings for genre and you pretty much know what is going on, right?

The film is much overrated on in my opinion (8.1). It is but an alright crime thriller. The young and successful businessman Adrián has a beautiful wife, but also a married mistress. On one of their escapades Adrián and Laura have an accident in which a young man dies. They try to cover their tracks.

The film is Adrián talking to his lawyer and the film shows the events. As the versions differ, so does the film. This is not wholly original, but worked out alright. Of course the film is supposed to work towards an unexpected angle and just that does not work out too well end the end of the film is pretty weak.

Not bad, but certainly no 4+ rating on my scale either.

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