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Mørke * Jannik Johansen (2005)

MørkeThat is funny. I have been trying to get this film from my favorite rental for about a month (I had it come over from another branch, but then it was already rented out each time I came in) and then I run into it on the 3-for-25-euros shelve of a DVD shop. I heard this film being compared to “Insomnia” (the original of course that I apparently saw in the cinema before I started making film reviews). “Mørke” (which means “darkness” and is nicely translated by the English word “murk” for the international release) is another Scandinavian thriller and the mist on the cover of this film, undoubtely brings memories to “Insomnia”. Story-wise the two films have little incommon. Atmosphere-wise too, up to a certain degree. “Insomnia” is darker, more gloomy, but for both films go that they are hardly thrillers, more like pressing dramas. Also in both films it is no secret who is the bad guy, what is going on, etc. but both times the directors managed to make the viewer wonder when ‘it’ will happen and this works well for the atmosphere. There is good acting and nice camera work, so the result is satisfying enough to make an American remake of it, just like of “Insomnia“…

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