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Look Both Ways * Sarah Watt (2005)

Look Both Ways“Look Both Ways” is a film about death, a film about the modern obsession with death according to the box. Further on the box is a comparison with “Magnolia” and a remark that inspite of the subject, but film is relatively light. I do not agree with the last remark, but I do see the comparison with “Magnolia”. In fact, if you remember that film, you will remember its pressing and melancholic atmosphere. “Look Both Ways” has a similar atmosphere. Watt’s first ‘normal film’ is -in a way- a film about the banalities of life, you get to see ordinary people with ordinary problems, but just as in “Magnolia”, not in the best phase of their lives. Normal filming is mixed with animations (Watt’s usual style) and rapid photo montages, which is a bit too much in the beginning, but well done and very fitting. “Look Both Ways” is quite a good film, not as good as “Magnolia”, but still; a bit the same, a bit different.

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