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Paul – Greg Mottola (2011)

Every time my girlfriend wanted to watch something funny, the film turned out to be not really so. So I searched Netflix for obvious comedy. Not really my genre, but I think I found a few that I could enjoy too. “Paul” is the first we watched.

Two British nerds travel to the Comic-Con and plan to rent a camper to see the famous American UFO sites. After the first site they run into an actual alien who goes by the name Paul. Paul has another destination in mind as Graeme and Clive.

Even for someone who seldom watches comedy “Paul” has a barely original story. Graeme and Clive are obvious references to Bill & Ted or the Waynes’ World duo and this time we do not have a cursing and swearing teddy-bear, but a cursing and swearing alien.

Well, that is about the level to expect. The film has a few good jokes, but overall it is but one of these trying to be silly type of films.

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