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Charlie And The Chocolate Factory * Tim Burton * 2005

This film has on my wish-list for a while, Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, always a nice combination. Since this is a kids-film the priority wasn’t too high. The film was as expected. Burton of course filmed the famous book by Roald Dahl which I don’t think I ever read. There is a mysterious chocolate factory in a small town and five kids are allowed to have a peak inside. Director Willy Wonka (Depp) leads the kids and one family member each through the fantasyfull factory with invention-rooms, rivers of chocolate (and of course the waterfall), Oompa-Loompa helpers, etc. etc. Well, this is something that you can leave to Tim Burton to make! The factory looks great, the characters are weird and the film is very entertaining balancing on the edge of ‘over-the-topness’. There is even some moral put in the film for all the kids (and their parents) who watch it; one kid is a glutton, the next a bitch/know-it-all, a striver and TV-gamefreak and then of course the good kid Charlie who wins the special price. No need to rush to the stores to get this film if you have no kids, but if you like Tim Burton, be sure to see this one some time too.

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