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Outlaw King – David Mackenzie (2018)

The film begins with a peace treatment between Scottish clan leaders and King Edward of England. The Scots are not enthusiastic, but most are done with war.

Soon the English kill William Wallace (remember the “Braveheart” film?) and the Scottish people, already unhappy with the situation, start to stir for riot. Robert Bruce throws himself up to try to unite Scotland and throw out the English.

Since the Scots are divided, Bruce found for himself a virtually impossible task. The film is mostly about the English trying to take back control before Bruce can come to real power. As counter measure, Bruce starts to fight a guerilla war and to think of means to withstand the must bigger army from the south.

In an alright film the focus seems to lay on the cruelties of war, interwoven with a bit of history.

I thought I noticed the title being “Outlaw / King” which may indeed be a more appropriate title than without the slash, yet we do not really see Bruce being king.

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