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Vox Populi * Eddy Terstall (2008)

Vox PopuliThis highly acclaimed Dutch film is about politics. A dangerous subject, because it is too easy to (seemingly) take sides. “Vox Populi” (“the voice of the people”) is a sharp view on the Dutch politics of today. A populist rightwing makes a high flight in the polls and we follow a “red/green” politician whose party makes a drop. When he comes in contact with a real Amsterdam family who says exactly what they think, the politician starts to copy harsch statements about Muslims, pocket-filling politicians, etc. much to the dislike of his fellow party members, but all the fuss does raise the party in the polls. “Vox Populi” is a real Dutch film with nudity, sex and strong language, but also with a nice magnifying glass on politics, society and the gap between these two. All comes with nice typical characters, recognisable political parties (with bogus names of course) and a critical look on the role of the media. A wide variety of subjects pass the revue, but Terstall managed to make an easy-to-watch film which is amusing and recognisable for a Dutchman and probably also amusing (or even interesting) to foreigners who are interested in the ways of the rise of the populist right in our country. Political satire, not a genre that comes from the Netherlands frequently, but this surely is a nice one.

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