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Gomorra * Matteo Garrone (2008)

GomorraSo this is the highly acclaimed film about the Italian maffia group Gomorra? Maybe my expectations were a bit too high after the great “Il Divo“, but I do not find “Gomorra” such a special film. It is quite a normal film supposedly peeking into the world of the maffia and showing the way they raise money. Nothing new either, illegal dumping of (industrial or even nuclear) waste, stealing from other groups and selling illegal goods. Maybe it were the figures at the end that caused the maffia to strongly protest against this film or they fear for their business. In any case, as a film “Gomorra” is nothing special. Just a few stories about different people in some way connected to the maffia. No fancy camera work, montage or music, just a drama with some bloody action here and there.

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