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C’est Arrivé Près De Chez Vous * Remy Belvaux / André Bonzel / Benoît Poelvoorde * 1992

I have seen this film a long time ago. I only knew it under the American title. The French title means something like “It has come to you too”, so where does ‘Man Bites Dog’ from? The film is slightly ‘Blair Witchy’. You see the result of a documentary that three young people made about a philosophical and poetic serial killer. They filmed his normal life and his killings. Benoît mostly kills for money (and all of his friends and relatives know that), but also for pleasure. All this is shown quite explicitly. There are funny moments, sometimes the violence is shown a bit in ‘the Tarantino way’ (hard but funny), sometimes more like ‘Funny Games’. Especially this last fact makes this a good film, but not a nice film to watch. Just like with ‘Funny Games’ (of Michael Haneke) this film makes you wonder why you actually watch a violent film like this. Actually it is good when a film does that!

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