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Coco Avant Chanel * Anne Fontaine (2009)

Coco Avant ChanelSo yesterday we were in the city of Den Bosch and there appeared to be a new (?) arthouse with theatre, film and a restaurant. A nice place in an old chocolate factory. The two filmrooms play a bit too typical arthouse dramas, so when choosing which film to see, we saw an a bit too typical arthouse drama. As the title suggests, the film is about Coco (Gabrielle) Chanel (played by Audrey Tatou). We see the early life and how Chanel became the fashion-diva everybody knows her for. A nice look into the decadent lives of the rich people around the turn to the 20th century and how a young woman, annoyed by the frills in fashion starts to design more minimalistic cloths. A bit of a ladies film of course, not boring, but (here I go again), a bit a too typical arthouse drama.

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