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The Strangers * Bryan Bertino (2008)

The StrangersAfter a rather lengthy intro telling me that this film is based on true events, a pretty damn pressing thriller unfolds. There is little mystery in this film. Two young people go to a remote house and they get visitors with bad intentions. The rather lengthy intro could add to it, but the film is dark and threatening even when you can tell what will happen. This film is the debut of an American director and I have rarely seen such a dense American film. No flashy story, no special effects, no big stages, just in and around a small summer house. Realistic, there is a much bigger chance that this could happen to you than that you would find yourself in a room with a spoon to find that key behind your eyeball. Quite incredible that somebody is capable of doing things like this too. So, I can only say: great atmosphere, good film.

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