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Repo! The Genetic Opera * Darren Lynn Bousman (2008)

So you wanted something different? What about an updated version of the “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (1975)? Yes, I mean that the word “opera” from the title of this film should be taken literary. “Repo!” is a rock/metal opera whose music might appeal to people who like Within Temptation and similar bands. It plays in a near future that might have come from a Cradle of Filth film with a gothic atmosphere and characters. The dialogues are sung, the music is mostly made with guitars and drums. The story is about a monopolist company that has brought people to make themselves more beautiful with custom made organs, making people addicted to surgery and the medicin to make those painless (and the fake version of it). With pompeus stages and characters, nice females, daring humour and of course gory details, since this film is listed under “horror” afterall, and not to forget, parts with comics. The film was directed by the director of “Saw” II, III and IV which is proudly advertised on the cover (and almost made me put back the film on the shelf), but this is nothing for people who watch that kind of film. “Repo!” is weird, the musical elements are sometimes a bit too much, but sometimes very funny, the scenes are outrageous, as is the story. “Repo!” kept my interest mostly because of the weird scenes, stages, characters and plots and well-placed humour. It might not be a masterpiece, but a “cult” as they call it? Perhaps. A mix between “Rocky Horror” and “V For Vendetta“, can you fathom?

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