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Argo – Ben Affleck (2012)

  • thriller

When the Iranian people get rid off a despot American puppet president, the country is going in an opposite direction. Where the last president steered the country in a Western direction, Ayatollah Khomeini brings extremely conservative Islam to the country. When the previous president gets asylum in the USA, the mood gets fiercely anti-American with massive demonstrations.

During one such demonstration the American embassy is sacked. Almost 60 people are taken hostage for months. Six people manage to escape and hide in the city. The film shows the elaborate plan to get the six out of the country, the other 60 are hardly spoken about.

“Argo” is a dense thriller that shows the extreme circumstances in the new Iran well. Naturally a cat-and-mouse game unfolds which can only lead to an American patriotic outcome, but the film makes a watch-worthy two hours.

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