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The Fountain * Darren Aronofsky (2006)

The FountainI only recently heard about this film and I put it high on my wishlist. Having seen Aronofsky’s latest film “The Wrestler“, I figured I best just get it from the DVD rental to see what Aronofsky has come up with this time.
“The Fountain” opens superbly with a very vague meditative scene. The rest of the film is very dreamlike with ‘different worlds’ alternating and this reminds a bit Del Toro fantasy like “El Laberinto Del Fauno“. The atmosphere is great, but the film becomes quite sad towards the end. Aronofsky had ones more made a magnificent film very different from his other films. Here we have one for people who like the earlier mentioned director Del Toro and also for people who like mystery/myth films since “The Fountain” also has Mayan myth with a Christian sauce, but also Eastern elements and modern science.
That is the fourth sublime film, Aronofsky is definately one of my favourite directors.

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