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American Made – Doug Liman (2017)

Since the “Narcos” series, everything around Pablo Escobar and the drug trafficking between South and North America seems to appeal to the people. The director did find an amusing story in that corner though.

“American Made” is another cooperation between Doug Liman and Tom Cruise. Cruise plays Barry Seal, an airline pilot who is hired by the CIA for some covert activities. Soon these activities become even more covert and then Seal is even hired by the other side. Pretty soon he runs a business in which money is coming in like crazy.

Liman turned Seal into an underground pop-star, who initially tries to get out of all his missions alive, but who later got gripped by the gathering of money. He also shows the weird ways of corrupt government agencies and their relations to foreign politics and its legal and illegal allies.

“American Made” is an amusing film about a strange part of recent history and probably a welcome addition to the ‘Escobar franchise’.

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