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Basic – John McTiernan (2003)

I usually have some ‘spare films’ for when I did not receive my rental films yet. A while ago I bought a box with four thrillers from the early 00’s. “Basic” is the second that I watched.

John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson, that could be something, right? “Basic” certainly is not a boring film. A group of rangers disappear during a training. They appear to have attacked each other. Hardy (Travolta) is sent to investigate the matter, mostly the role of West (Jackson), a brutal trainer. The story is told in flashbacks as the survivors are interrogated and while Hardy and Osborne (Connie Nielsen) try to reconstruct the events.

The conclusions twist and turn until the viewer no longer has any idea ‘who dunnit’ and then comes the knockout.

Not bad, but not much better than similar films from this period.

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