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Trumbo – Jay Roach (2015)

In the 1940’ies America and Russia were on friendly foot. One of the political parties in America was the Communist Party. When the relations between the two countries went down and the Cold War began, Communism suddenly became a threat to American society and a witch-hunt for (alleged) communists started.

We follow Dalton Trumbo (Bryan “Heisenberg” Cranston), who was a successful Hollywood script writer and also a communist. He and some of his colleagues and friends stuck to their political beliefs which caused them to be put in jail. After he got out, Trumbo thought up an elaborate plan to show that communists are not dangerous people trying to overthrow the government.

The film shows the grades of political convictions. Trumbo was some sort of ‘capitalist communist’ with his massive villa, while some of his friends were more radical. The shades disappeared and were replaced by white and black, right and wrong, and the people in power brainwashed the general audience to try to get rid off the menace called Communism.

“Trumbo” makes a nice film about a strange part of American history showing how caution can lead to hysteria which on its turn can lead to total neglect of the constitution.

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