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Blade trilogy

Blade trilogyA while ago I was in a DVD shop and had two DVDs in my hand from the ‘three for 25 euros’ department, then my eye fell on a nice metal box with the “Blade” trilogy. Not really my kind of film, this pompous Hollywood action, but “Blade” is nicely dark and vampyric, so why not? We watched all three in one weekend and neither of the three is actually good enough for that. Not that I fell asleep or that I was bored, but just nice film should better be alternated with good films. It turned out that I already saw I (1998) and II (2002) some time and that all three are from different directors (much like with “Batman”) and II is of noone less than Guillermo del Toro. I do not remember it being better than the other two, but still. As you probably all know Blade is half a vampire and devoted himself to killing vampires. Of course his opponents get stronger with each film, upto noone less than Dracula himself in part III. Thick comic-hero action and amusing bloody fights make “Blade” a nice watch for a drousy evening, but like I said: better not watch all three in one weekend, since they are not that good.

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