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Blade Runner 2049 – Denis Villeneuve (2017)

Either I do not remember much from the 1982 original of this film or Villeneuve made his own take with this revamp. I expected a hip, Hollywood, scifi spectacle, but “2049” has little to do with that.

We find ourselves in a dystopian future in which K (Ryan Gosling) is some sort of policeman and in which most (all?) of earth’s inhabitants appear to be robots of some sort. In the first scenes K kills a man, but this action proves to unearth some mysteries that need to be investigated and done away with.

Gosling finds himself in a mix between “Drive” and “Mad Max“, a very slow, dark, minimalistic and gloomy science fiction film. The dark and rumbling soundtrack is a bit overdone here and there, but usually very moody. The story is not very complex, but enough to add some interesting notions on.

Indeed, this is actually a wonderfully dark film.

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