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Somnambuul * Sulev Keedus (2003)

SomnambuulDuring some war/occupation, a father and his young daughter did not flee to Sweden like the rest of Estonia, but they remain at their post maintaining a lighthouse. They have a small farm to forsee in their own living, lead a solitary life and both seem very traumatically disturbed. The film is empty, minimalistic and seems to leave out a lot of parts of the story, which makes that you have to pay attention to understand what is going on. There is some great camera work and the color filter (?) fits very well to the unfriendly climate and situation. The title of the film mostly refers to Eetla (the daughter) who goes up in her dreams so much that for her (and the viewer) there is no way of telling reality from dreams. The film begins quite amusing, especially Eetla is not very ‘well mannered’, but the tragedy gets thicker and thicker making “Somnambuul” not a very pleasent watch. An original film putting the magnifying glass on the results of an unspecified war though.

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