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Baby Driver – Edgar Wright (2017)

This could well be(come) a modern classic. “Baby Driver” is a hip and well-written action film with good humor and great use of music. Especially in the first part, the music and film are integrated to the extreme.

The title refers to a young man who drive getaway cars for bank robbers. He is a music addict who times his job with his music. Most other characters prove to be music lovers too, so that makes a big theme for the film.

The story is perhaps not really surprising, but it contains nice details and a lot of good and subtle humor.

Recommended when you are out to watch something light.

1 thought on “Baby Driver – Edgar Wright (2017)”

  1. I absolutely loved this! From Edgar Wright, the director of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Right from the jump the soundtrack is what drives this movie…

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