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Feed * Brett Leonard (2005)

Feed“Se7en was only the beginning”, the front of the box of this film says. “Feed” picks on to a popular genre, but with a slightly more original story. To keep the comparison with “Se7en”, there is not really a serial killer here. “Feed” supposedly is not for the faint hearted, so a link with gruesome films such as “Saw” and “Hostel” is made, but personally I find “Feed” not more shocking than (again) “Se7en”, the gruesomeness is mostly functional and not a goal on itself, but this is of course personal. Inspite of all this, “Feed” is not really a good film. The story is in a way an updated version of “Se7en” (but there the story was larger and better worked out) and an interesting starting point for a film like this. The good news is the bad guy and the fact that the film raises some interesting questions in the whole serial killer thought. The very bad news is the main character who is an Australian policeman going to America. The part is badly played and awfully written and takes the entire film down considerably. I guess if you are a not so critical watcher as myself and you like the serial killer genre, you will find this film original. As for all of those who (like me) have grown tired of that genre, this could be an excuse to watch one again, but be warned that it is by far not of the level of “Se7en”.

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