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The Kite Runner * Marc Foster (2008)

This highly acclaimed film of the highly acclaimed book by Khaled Hosseini is made by the highly acclaimed director of “Quantum Of Solace”. It starts with an almost 1001 Nights view of Afghanistan, but there is something slumbering under the surface. We follow a child who lives with his rich father and is befriended with the son of the housekeeper. A national sport was flying the kite and having battles with them. When the Russians invade Afghanistan, the father takes his boy and flees to the USA where a large Afghan community lives. After many years, there is a reason for the (mature) son to go back to Afghanistan where by then the Taliban had taken over from the Russians.
“The Kite Runner” shows three fases of a country that we now all know from the news. Not such a bad lesson of history (taking that both the book is accurate and the filming of the book is too). The film starts charming, but grows darker and darker and shows some aspects of Afghan culture, whether inside or outside of Afghanistan.

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