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Stereo + Crimes Of The Future * David Cronenberg (1969/70)

In a nice ‘digipack’ two of the very early films of David Cronenberg: Stereo and Crimes of the Future. Both films are about an hour and both play in a remote concrete institute inhabeted by weird characters. “Stereo” is about a group of people who are artificially made telepathic and who are isolated for the sake of experiments. “Crimes Of The Future” is about a student of a “mad dermatologist” who has discovered a strange illness. “Stereo” is completely silent, save for the voiceovers, almost the same goes for “CotF”, but that film has ‘enlarged’ (by lack of a better discription) sounds here and there. Both films can be described as experimental art-films with a liking for scholarly language and strange futuristic visions. I quite like “Stereo”. It is extemely slow and minimalistic, but I kept wondering what was to come. “CotF” is less interesting in my opinion. It is an interesting watch, but a bit too little happens in it to remain interesting. However the films are presented as “two early films by the master of body horror”, you should not expect horror, however the films might give you an idea of how Cronenberg developed towards his masterpieces “Videodrome” (1983) and “Naked Lunch” (2001), there is a lot of material in between that I have not seen though.
So, I guess this box is for people who like experimental art films and for people who are interested in Cronenberg as a director and since this box is quite well available, I suppose there are enough people for that.

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