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Nerve – Henri Joost & Ariel Schulman (2016)

Damn, a teen movie. From the beginning it is clear that I am a few decades older than the target audience…

The zombie generation has a new game to play and follow 24 hours a day on their phones and which makes people famous who would normally be ignored. Just as the kids do all kinds of “challenges” nowadays, the game “Nerve” combines all that in a big game. “Watchers” pay to follow the game, “players” get challenges from the “watchers”. Performing them brings them money, at the end of the day one “player” wins and wins the big bucks. The “players” are watched constantly by the crowd throw their phones’ cameras.

The challenges go from ‘kiss a man you never met’ to ‘hang from a construction on top of a skyscraper’. The “watchers” manage to come up with the next challenge through a chat with 4000 people within seconds and the organizers of the game miraculously have insight in the complete lives of their “players” so they can share their fears with the “watchers” and also transfer money to their banks and withdraw it.

Needless to say that at the center of this all there is a pretty girl that is not popular at school, but works her way up in the game, sees how stupid it is and manages to shut it down.

Pretty boring it all is. The film does contain some messages for the zombie generation and their challenges and online lives though.

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