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Se7en – David Fincher (1995)

That is odd. I have known this film since it came out. I have seen it several times and when I bought a DVD recently I came home to find out that I already had it. So why did I never come to review it? Because it is too old? Because it was not old enough to be a ‘classic’? Well, it is a classic and deserves a place in the halls of this website.

Are there people who never saw the film? With “Manhunter” (1986) (he did I not review this film either? it is great) and “The Silence Of The Lambs” (1991) this is the mother of serial killer thrillers. Both these films where fairly dark and bloody, but “Se7en” rushes past in that. “Se7en” is one of the early films with a story that involves a puzzle too. Indeed, a classic. I did not remember the hip opening credits which also foreshadow films to come.

Somerset (Morgan Freeman) and Mills (Brad Pitt) investigate a serial killer who seems to use some sort of logic in the choosing and displaying his victims. Quite gruesome too. The duo figures out the puzzle and set out to catch the bad guy. He has a closing surprise though.

Now, over two decades later, countless films have been made with these elements, but seldom as good as in “se7en”. There is not yet the ‘look what bloody murders I come up with’ type of script writing (well maybe this is one of the starts for these elements). Just a well made, gloomy thriller with some gruesome details.

I remember that I figured out the last two deadly sins when I first saw the film, but even when you know what is coming, “Se7en” is a great film.

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