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On Her Majesty’s Secret Service * Peter R. Hunt (1969)

So, three weeks ago we paid a shitload of money to get on the Schilthorn. This is one of the higher mountains of Switserland and on top is the famous Piz Gloria turning restaurant. The restaurant owes its fame partially to the fact that a James Bond film was filmed there, so when we came back, my girlfriend ordered this oldie on DVD. I am not much of a Bond fan, but the films are not really boring. OHMSS has a ‘one time Bond’ in George Lazenby, a not too great story, but some nice chasing scenes on ski and bob sledge and of course some lovely ladies. Also it is nice to see some locations where we were recently (besides the Schilthorn, the city of Bern for example). Not such a bad watch, particularly when I think of it that the film is quite a bit older than myself.


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