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Cashback * Sean Ellis (2006)

Yes I rented this film because of the cover, but seriously, also the description of the film on the back looked interesting. The girl you see on the cover is only in the film for a few minutes when the I-figure perceives absolute beauty (or however it was put exactly). The cover also shows another aspect of the film.
Ben is an art-student who suffers from insomnia since he broke up with his girlfriend. Nights last endless and times seems to slow down beyond belief. When Ben decides that he can also spend his sleepless nights making money, he goes to work nightshifts in a grocery shop. There he meets some weird people with even weirder habbits of killing time. As an artist, Ben sees beauty everywhere and he finds a way to easily make thousands of scetches and paintings. With his own voice as voiceover, Ben comments the whole film and the viewer is granted with magnificent imaginary.
That being the core of the film, I can add that this British film has great and subtle humour about everyday life. The filming is at times hilarious and so are the events that pass the revue.
“Cashback” is a wonderfull film with nice humour, a good look on our empty lifes and all that layered with very fine visuals and even though with a common story, some unexpected scenes.

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