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Innocence * Lucile Hadzihalilovic (2004)

This film seems to be an incomplete one, apparently it only shows the middle part of a story. We get acquinted with a “domain” with a big wall around it. On this domain are five houses, inhabited by young girls the age of each is represented by the colour of the ribbons in their hair. The ribbons do not just give their age though, they also seem to give the girls rights and duties. The film has a dreamy and mysterious atmosphere and the events that take place are all quite out of the ordinary, which makes you wonder where the girls are exactly, why and what is the purpose of their stay. Some hints are given throughout the film and the last scene seems to give a suggestion, but actually, there are but questions raised and none really answered. “Innocence” appears to be a nice look in the minds of young girls, since the film could represent the way they would say what happens to them. Surely no film with an easy story line, a nice ending that solves all questions, so I suppose it is for arthouse lovers like myself.

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