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Straightheads * Dan Reed (2007)

Apparently Gillian Anderson wanted to try something less tame than being Skully in the X-Files. “Straightheads” contains quite a bit of sex and brutality. In spite of this and in spite of Anderson looking pretty, “Straightheads” is a very poor film.

Alice (Anderson) and Adam are driving home through a forest after a party. They get molested by three people and are left behind. When Alice later accidentally runs into one of her attackers, she decides to learn the three a lesson.

However the molesting and portrayed violently enough to make the viewer easily see why Alice sets out to do what she does, the film never reaches any level of conviction and it remains a weak film with a thin story.

I am not sure where the title comes from and it seems that other people thought the same, so “Closure” seems to be an alternative title for this film.

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