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Anatomie * Stefan Ruzowitzky (2000)

A rather unconvincing thriller in which the promising medicine student Paula (Franka Potente) is selected to study anatomy at the pretentious university of Heidelberg.

The film is mostly occupied by students and seems to aim at that very group with typical humor, a sexually active blonde, even the tension is somewhat typically ‘just-not-teen-anymore’. The subject of course also lends itself for cheap humor. A female student discovers the penis and drops it on the floor. Male students make pranks for their female colleagues.

Another easy bridge from the subject is towards the thriller / horror genre. When a body proves to be of somebody Paula knew she starts to investigate and runs in a dark lodge (with Freemasonry symbolism) operating within the university. With no surprises she is led into the hands of these people.

Nope, “Anatomie” is not a particularly good film. Not boring either, but more of the level of ‘perhaps on TV some time’.

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