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Black * Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah (2015)

This film got quite some attention when it came out. It is about gang-culture in Brussel (Belgium), but the gangs that the films is about, were not happy with it, made that clear and the film made the news.

In a Romeo and Juliette like story, a boy and a girl fall in love. The boy belongs to the gang 1080 (Brussel postal code), the girl to Black Bronx. He is from Moroccan descent, she more Southern African. The gangs are rival gangs, so this is bound to raise trouble. And it does.

Showing superiority over the other gang, the gangs go pretty far intimidating each other. When Mavela’s gang find out about her boyfriend, this intimidation is taken to extremes.

In spite of the young team “Black” is a mature film with good acting, camera-work and music and the atmosphere really works. Like I said, the directors managed to portray this difficult subject so well that some people thought the film to be too realistic (or revealing).

Not my genre, but a good film and that is yet another good film from Belgium.

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