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The Man Who Knew Infinity * Matt Brown (2015)

A bit of a dull film about a young and brilliant mathematician from India who tries to get his theories out into the world. After much effort he is picked up by two professors in the UK who have him come over to the very university where also Newton made his discoveries.

The first world war is developing and Ramanujan learns that it is not easy to live in a wholly different country. His divinely inspired maths clash with the rigorous rational approach at Trinity College, but as Ramanujan and professor Hardy start to learn a bit of each other’s culture, things become more favorable.

I have the feeling that the director tried to give the film a bit of a Bollywood feel. It is somewhat ‘soft’ and overly dramatic, too ‘sweet’ so to say. The film tells a nice story, but the film itself does not reach above the level of ‘nice’.

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