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Southpaw * Antoine Fuqua (2015)

At my DVD-rental I have a list with films that I want to see, in three priorities. They pick the titles they send and frequently I wonder how the title ended up on my list in the first place. Here we have such a film again. A boxing drama, not really my genre.

Billy Hope is a successfull boxer. When his wife thinks it is time for a break, something goes terribly wrong and Billy’s life is going dawn in a freefall. He tries to pick himself up and fight his way back to where he used to be.

“Southpaw” (no idea where the title refers to) is a fairly heavy drama which reminds of “The Wrestler” more than once. The latter is better though.

The drama in “Southpaw” works well enough and the acting is good, but this is just not my kind of film.

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