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Birthday Girl * Jez Buttersworth * 2001

Oh well, I guess you know about this film. Nicole Kidman is a Russian girl, bought by a frustrated Brittish young man via the internet. From the first minute on, you can see that it can’t be that easy to just buy a beautiful woman. This shows immediately when Kidman can only speak Russian. Still she wins the mans heart and a few nice scenes with Kidman (who looks 10 years younger than she actually is) with no cloths on pass. At Kidmans birthday two Russian friends arrive and this is when the comedy is supposed to go over in a thriller. Well, it doesn’t! There are a handfull of nice jokes in the film and Kidman is lovely, but overall this film is terribly disapointing. The story is not logical or credible, there is no tension and a completely stupid ending.

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