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Breaking Bad (series, season 2) * Vince Gilligan (2012)

Late 2013, early 2014 I saw the first season of “Breaking Bad”. I did not like it enough to review it. It was not like I totally disliked the series. I just did not like it enough to continue watching. Still people kept telling me the series get better and become brilliant. When I ran into season 2 cheaply a while ago, I decided to see if it is any better than season 1.

Not really actually…

In season 2 we still follow the highschool science-teacher Walter White who got the diagnosis cancer in season 1. He comes up with the plan to make money for his treatment and his family by using his skills in science to make the best “crystal meth” in town and thus he becomes a drug-producer and a dealer. He works together with his former student (the drop-out) Jesse Pinkman who has experience ‘in the field’. “Walt” does not want to tell his wife about his money-raising efforts and especially not her sister and the sister’s husband who works for the DEA.

That is actually all there is to “Breaking Bad”. Walter and Jesse have to find ways to cover up their work, but also ways to sell their product. Things do not go as they want. Tons of pretexts have to come up with to cover their tracks. Also deals go wrong, there are problems in the family, actually “Breaking Bad” is but a soap with a hardly interesting story.

After watching two seasons, I still wonder when exactly the series is going to get somewhere which lives up to anything near the 9.5 the series get on IMDb. There are some amusing scenes here and there, but I really cannot rate this any higher than a 5 out of 10. Again I doubt whether season 3 will ever find its way to my DVD player. Perhaps the disappointment wears away a bit in time again and I run into the third season cheaply, but as of now I see no argument to watch it.

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