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Insurgent * Robert Schwentke (2015)

Part of the “Divergent” ‘series’, this two-hour-scifi is done by another director. I do not remember a whole lot of part one, just that it is not really good. Not bad enough to discard “Insurgent” apparently. Too bad, because this film of Robert “Red” “The Time Travellers Wife” Schwentke is very, very weak.

Again we follow “Tris” who is ‘divergent’, different from the class-society that was made up by the leaders of the only remaining city on earth. Of course ‘divergents’ are a threat to the government and hunted down, especially when the leader Jeanine (Kate Winslet) realises that she needs a ‘divergent’ to solve a mystery. This makes a drama playing in some future. There are action elements and of course scifi as well.

The acting is largely unconvincing, especially of the main characters. The story is not particularly interesting either and there are not really other elements to lift up the film a bit. “Insurgent” is not completely horrible, but it is just a (below) average film.

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