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Sicario * Denis Villeneuve (2015)

For some reason the name of the director connects to interesting films in my head. When I see my reviews of two other Villeneuve titles, I wonder why. Do I mix him up with another director with a French name?

With “Sicario” the expectations were lived up though! Contrary to the two other films, which were dramas, “Sicario” is a dark, gloomy and raw crime action. The young FBI agent Kate Macer is asked for a special team hunting a Mexican drugs cartel. She tumbles into a world were laws and especially violence are not what she was used to and that is quite something after the opening scene.

The film has an almost constant gloomy atmosphere with the suggestion of an extremely violent outburst. The rumbling soundtrack sure adds a lot to the atmosphere, as do the shots of the desolate landscape between the USA and Mexico.

Indeed, “Sicario” is a very descent crime film.

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